WOODEX, Moscow Wood Industry and Woodworking Machinery Exhibition, Russia

WOODEX, Moscow Wood Industry and Woodworking Machinery Exhibition, Russia

Development time 2019.12.03-2019.12.06

Crocu, Russian-Moscow-Moscow Clokus International Convention and Exhibition Center

Opening hours: 09:00 – 18:00


ITE Exhibition Group UK

WOODEX is Russia’s largest and most famous professional exhibition in the field of wood products, furniture production and woodworking machinery. It is sponsored by the famous British ITE Exhibition Company. The exhibition has passed the UFI certification of the International Exhibition Union. Now it is attracting more and more exhibitors and audiences. It has already become Russia’s most influential industry event.

In 2017, the exhibition area reached 22133 square meters, with 372 exhibitors from 20 countries and 7 national delegations: Italy, Germany, Czech Republic, Spain, Australia, China and Turkey. The audience came from 8316 industry experts from 74 regions of Russia to participate in the procurement.

As a traditional trading partner of China, Russian furniture manufacturers have increased rapidly with the adjustment of domestic industry and economic recovery. According to the survey, at least 50% of the woodworking machinery used in Russia needs to be renewed, and the demand for woodworking machinery is increasing year by year. In particular, the woodworking machinery made in China is deeply loved by Russian furniture manufacturers for its practicability, low price and good quality. The number of purchasers and woodworking machinery purchased in China increases exponentially every year. Russia adjusts its policy to promote the development of the pure trade-type cooperation relationship of logs to the production-type cooperation relationship of wood deep processing. Since 2006, the Russian Ministry of Economic Development and Trade has advocated zero tariffs on wood processing equipment imported from China.

Notes: The exhibition is a professional B2B trade exhibition, which is only open to the industry. Non-professionals and people under the age of 18 declined to visit. No retail activities are provided on site.

Wood industry: forest products, various semi-finished products, wood core board, wood chips plywood, fiberboard, plywood, thin board, joinery products, furniture, pulp, paper and paperboard

Woodworking machinery: machinery, equipment, tools, technical equipment, hardware accessories, wood drying: pulp and paper industry, woodworking and furniture industry, machinery accessories, furniture production equipment and technology, furniture accessories, housing construction and joinery industry waste recycling wood energy

Wood products: primary and deep processing, ecological purification, waste recycling, low quality regeneration, waste wood products, protection of production resources, ecological safety, occupational safety and health of pulp and paper industry

Technologies: wood industry, primary and deep processing, ecological purification, waste recycling and regeneration, low quality and waste wood production, resource protection and ecological safety, pulp and paper industry, occupational safety and health

Wood crafts: consumer products, handicraft industry, handicraft products

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