Xingtai China plywood city

China’s plywood production areas are relatively concentrated, Shandong, Hebei, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Guangxi and Guangdong have obtained 3500 plywood production licenses, accounting for 90% of the total number of forensic enterprises. China’s provinces and cities have successively formed large-scale plywood production areas: Xingtai ,HEBEI Province,China plywood city, Zhengding plywood base, Zuogezhuang plywood production gathering area, Linyi plywood base in Shandong Province (the number of Xingtai plywood enterprises registered on the Wood Industry Information Network reaches 1500), Heze plywood production base, Jiashan Taiyuan plywood production base in Zhejiang Province, Pizhou in Jiangsu Province. Poplar plywood production base, Siyang-Suqian Poplar plywood production area, Zhangzhou Pine plywood production base in Fujian, Eucalyptus plywood production gathering area around Nanning, Guangxi, etc. All the above plywood production bases have a certain number of plywood production enterprises.

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