Young wood-based panel plywood quality engineer should improve the ability of investigation and research

Young wood-based panel plywood quality engineer should improve the ability of investigation and research.

Investigation and research is the basic skill of wood-based panel plywood quality inspection. We must learn to investigate and study, and improve the working ability of wood-based panel and plywood in the investigation and research. Quality inspection and investigation should be carried out regularly. We should adhere to the customers and suppliers, go to practice, listen to what customers and suppliers think, what they want and what they want, and understand and master the real situation. We can’t just skim around the Bush and skim the surface. We have to be proud of ourselves and generalize the whole. We should carefully study and analyze a large number of materials and situations from quality inspection and investigation, from one to the other, from the outside to the inside. For the research results that have been fully studied and relatively mature, they should be timely upgraded to decision-making deployment and converted into specific measures; for the research results that have not been thoroughly studied, we should listen to opinions more deeply and put them into practice after improvement; for those that have formed measures and implemented the implementation, they should be timely tracked and evaluated, and adjusted and optimized according to the situation.

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