Zuogezhuang, an unknown town, is the base of plywood production in China

Zuogezhuang, an unknown town, is the base of plywood production in China.

In an unknown town like Zuogezhuang Town, Wen’an County, Langfang City, Hebei Province, the roads are crowded with vehicles every day. People say “people in Zuogezhuang, but cars like driving in Beijing”! Because here is the plywood production base!

Zuogezhuang woodworkers in Wen’an County rose in 1986. After 32 years of climbing and rolling, they have become the largest plywood production base in northern China. The county’s large and small woodworking workshops centered around Zuogezhuang Town add up to 2,000 employees with 200,000 people, all of them migrant workers from all over the country, most of whom are from Hubei Province.

Zuogezhuang is also the birch veneer  plywood production in China.Before 2006, 70% of the birch veneer came from Zuogezhuang, Hebei Province, and also most of the birch plywood.

The main production types are multi-plywood, particleboard, medium density, veneer decorative board, building formwork! Products are sold all over the world, Middle East countries, Europe and the United States products and processes in the world at an advanced level. Six out of every 10 plywood sheets in the country come from Zuogezhuang!

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