MDF,Medium Density Fiberboard

Sudati MDF Technical Specifications

Sudati  MDF Technical Specifications MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) is a homogeneous panel made of wood fibers. The wood is pine from reforestation, bonded with thermoset synthetic resin and special additives under the simultaneous action of pressure and temperature. MDF is specially developed for internal use. This correct utilization ensures …

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How does the MDF bend

How does the MDF bend? At present, the plate market, medium density board because of its continuous improvement of production technology and occupies a large share of the plate market, home decoration market is also more and more widely used. The most commonly used areas of MDB straight board are …

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Environmental Protection Grade of Density Plate

Environmental Protection Grade of Density Plate Based on the harmfulness of formaldehyde emission from density plates to the environment, the density plates are divided into the following environmental protection grades in mg/L unit (formaldehyde emission per liter of air): E0 grade: formaldehyde emission less than 0.5 mg/L; Level E1: Formaldehyde …

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Why do sawtooth occur when density plates are carved

Why do sawtooth occur when density plates are carved? Density boards can be used in various markets, especially after engraving machine, can produce beautiful, personalized decorative boards. Carving is a combination of drilling and milling in principle. When carving a density plate, it may produce edge sawtooth phenomenon for various …

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