Film Faced Plywood

Film Faced Plywood

Film Faced Plywood is an plywood substrate overlaid with Dynea coated paper, edges and sealed to give a moisture resistant board. It has a high load baring capacity and due to its strength it is ideal for formwork and will keep its shape regardless of changes in humidity.It is designed to use for concrete formwork and shuttering. Its  film face provides different finishes  such as wiremsh ,antislip, smooth finish and is suitable to use for internal and external applications. Film Faced Plywood’s are finished to high standards and have a high resistance to corrosion and moisture.

1. Film Faced  Plywood is a high-quality plywood covered with resin-treated paper that turns into a protective film during production.

2.Comes with smooth or mesh surface. Edges are sealed with water-dispersible acrylic paint.

3.This type of plywood is widely used in the construction industry and vehicle production. It is easy to mount and work with.

China film faced plywood have different surface colors such as brown ,black ,red ,the glue used for the platform are also different such as WBP ,MR ,Melamine .The veneer species have chinese poplar ,eucalyptus and hardwood .


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