Film Faced Plywood

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Film faced plywood is heavy weight (Poplar core ,eucaltypus ,birch core ,hardwood core …) , resistant to corrosion attack and water, easily combined with other materials and easy to clean and cut. Treating the film faced plywood’s edges with waterproof paint (Some factories using NON-WATER-PROOF paint and Glue )  makes it highly water-and wear-resistant. Due to its durability and easily handled surface it can be used in open environment in construction and building e.g. warehouses, railway wagons, floors and sidewalls of trucks etc. Coating the film faced plywood with high-quality imported or domestic films ensures hardness and damage resistance. The surface of the film faced plywood is hygienic and resistant to strong detergents, which is important for farming constructions and storage of food products. It can be used in conditions of high temperature drop, influence of moisture, detergent cleaning and provides protection against termites.

According to surface ,it has smooth finish surface film and wiremesh finish film ,one side smooth or two sides wiremesh and one side mesh and other side is smooth …The wiremesh type is also different stytle ,with smooth one side and a non-slip surface (Wire Mesh, Hexa Grip, etc diamond pattern, square pattern, rice pattern, hexa grip patter).

Fit with a phenolic resin film with imprinted hexagonal wire mesh pattern Wire mesh feature remains functional, even after heavy use. Suitable for various flooring applications such as lightweight delivery vans, cold storage facilities, gangways and outdoor playground equipment.

Due to its durability film faced plywood is widely used in construction and building and vehicle industry for making transport equipment containers, loading platforms, truck and trailer floors and wagons.Film faced plywood,are widely used in the following areas :vehicle floors, industrial flooring, load bearing platforms, storage racks.

Film faced plywood can also be used to build sliding doors, advertising boards, play ground equipments, floors for sports arenas, smooth concrete casts, scaffolding, hoardings and fencings, packing and in internal & external design and panelling,For shuttering – with much more numbers of use. For furniture. For wall paneling, for yachts, vessels, vans, buses, etc.

It has other names such as shutting plywood,construction plywood,Formwork Plywood ,some importers even call it MARINE PLYWOOD.

The film color has   DBO – Dark Brown Opaque.,red brown ,black brown ,black ,red ,green ,Different colors and film weights

Size:915mmx1830mm,610x2440mm,1220x2440mm,1250x2500mm,1500x3000mm, 2000mmx6000mm,or as request
Film: Chinese brown(240g/m2), Dynea brown(120g/m2) , Black film(240g/m2)
Core: Poplar, hardwood, eucalyptus, okoume, birch, pine, combi, etc.
Thickness: 6mm,9mm,12mm,15mm,18mm,21mm,25mm
Glue: MR,WBP, Melamine
Production Technology: Two time hot press/ one time hot press/finger joint/recycle
Density: 530-650kg/cbm
Moisture: less than 12%

Case Making Plywood
Birch Plywood with a Hexa Pattern

Hexa Plywood
Birch throughout plywood core WBP bonded
120g black phenol hexa / smooth reverse
The phenol hexa surface is hard and resists abrasion
Edge sealed with colour matching acrylic paint
Standard Panels
Thickness:  6.5mm  and  9mm
Board Size:  2440 x 1220
Packing:  6.5mm (90) or (30)   9mm (65) or (30)
Other thickness and sizes available

 6.5mm and 9mm black Hexa plywood. Other colours and dimensions available to forward book.

Also available
Smooth phenol face / raw reverse
Raw side is ideal for bonding your own laminates, smooth phenol for the case interior

Plain plywood
BB or BB/WG grade for laminating. Three meter lengths are a popular choice to match laminate sheet sizes.

Phenol faced Birch Plywood
Phenol Mesh and Phenol Smooth

Birch plywood overlaid with a phenol film. The film can be pressed with a pattern and is offered in a range of finishes, including:
Mesh – Smooth – Hexa – Diamond

Usually dark brown, but other colours available.



4mm  6.5mm  9mm  12mm  15mm   18mm  21mm  24mm  27mm  30mm  35mm  40mm  45mm  50mmPhenol Thickness
120g  –  220g  –  340g  –  heavier weights available
Panel Sizes
Metric: 1220 x 2440  –  1220 x 2745  –  1220 x 3050  –  1220 x 3660
Imperial:  4ft x 8ft  –  4ft x 9ft  –  4ft x 10ft  –  4ft x 12ftMetric: 1525 x 2440  –  1525 x 2745  –  1525 x 3050  –  1525 x 3660
Imperial: 5ft x 8ft  –  5ft x 9ft  –  5ft x 10ft  –  5ft x 12ftLarge Press: 2150 x 3850
Other sizes available with scarf-jointed panels

Packing (sheets per pack)
4mm (100)  –  6.5mm (65)  –  9mm (100)  –  12mm (50)  –  15mm (40)  –  18mm (35)  –  24mm (25)  –  27mm (23)  –  30mm (21)  –  35mm (18)  –  40mm (15)  –  50mm (13)

Smooth – Mesh – Hexa – Large Mesh – Rhomb – Trans – Diamond
Dark Brown – Light Brown – Black – Grey – Green – Red – Blue – Yellow – Light Grey


Vehicle Flooring

Heavy Duty hard wearing non slip panels. Wisa Trans / Riga TransAccess Tower Platforms & Toe-boards
We offer a full cut to size and edge sealed serviceStaging Plywood
Non-slip plywood for stage manufacturers

Concrete Formwork Plywood Panels
Birch plywood with a smooth phenolic film or MDO for concrete formwork and shuttering
Full size panels or cut to size & machined

Phenol Plywood
Birch throughout plywood core WBP bonded
The smooth phenol surface is smooth, glossy and hard. It resists abrasion, it is weather and moisture proof and resists commonly used chemicals, dilute acids and alkalis. The surface is easy to clean with water or steam. Can be re-used many times
Available paperweight: 120g and 220g
Edge sealed with colour matching acrylic paint
Standard Panels
Thickness:  12mm and 18mm
Board Size:  2440 x 1220  or  1525 x 3050
Packing:  12mm (50)  18mm (35)
Other thickness and sizes available
Machined Panels
Thickness:  9mm  10mm  12mm  15mm  18mm  21mm  24mm
Board Size:  up to 3300mm
Packing:  small sizes (50)  large sizes (20)
Fully cut, machined & edge sealed for various formwork systems


MDO Plywood
Birch throughout plywood core WBP
Medium Density Overlaid – resin impregnated craft paper face with phenol reverse to balanceMDO gives a rougher surface to the struck concrete than phenol
Riga Poliform
Birch throughout plywood core WBP
Overlaid with a special composite material on both faces, made from wood fibres and polypropylene. Standard colour is grey. Gives a superior appearance to the concrete surface whilst protecting the plywood substrate. The expected lifetime may exceed 100 strikes. The thickness of the composite face material helps to protect the plywood against swelling.


Phenol Plywood
Riga Poliform

We stock a wide range of standard and specialist formwork and shuttering panels. For non standard requirements we are able to cut, machine and edge seal in the UK from our grounded stock or provide forward shipments direct from the mill.

Whatever the concrete finish required, whatever your budget, we have the panel you need. Raw panels for standard work or overlaid panels for high quality concrete finishes. We supply a range of panels and components to the biggest names in the industry.

Data sheets and strength tables are readily available, so whether it is a complicated job involving exacting tolerances, or just a basic shuttering panel for normal requirements, get in touch and let us do the rest.