engineered veneer 

Technology veneer also called engineered veneer

Technology veneer refers to the regenerated veneer, which is the “upgraded version” of natural wood. The selected raw material is log. After a series of design, dyeing, reconstruction, insect control, high temperature and high pressure, it becomes technology veneer.

The technological veneer has the following advantages:

First of all, after treatment, the technology veneer, with smooth surface, not only has rich colors, but also can meet the requirements of different decoration places and the texture preferences of the vast number of buyers.

Secondly, it can restore all kinds of rare and precious wood, so that many consumers can complete the desire to move all kinds of even extinct tree products home without expensive costs. This is the “finishing touch” of technological wood skin.

Third, it can complete the transformation of the original wood defects. The original inevitable defects such as discoloration and wormhole of natural wood can also be overcome with the help of science and technology, so as to better guarantee and optimize the combination of science and technology wood and natural wood.

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