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Plywood GRADES 

Plywood GRADES BB, CC, Overlay, Overlay & Better, BB/CC, Utility, Mill Option Consistent with IWPA grading standards PLYWOOD GRADES Overlay Better (OVL/BTR) BB/CC (BBCC) Utility Grade (UTY) Reject Grade (REJ)

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4×8 MERANTI Plywood Inspection and QC checklist 

4×8 MERANTI Plywood Inspection and QC checklist It is similar like okoume,bingtanor ,keruing ,you can visit and read them from this Blog .Meranti Plywood. Also known as Lauan Plywood, Meranti Plywoodis an ideal plywood for lamination, custom cabinetry, and other interior and exterior applications. From Indonesia and Malaysia,Philippine Mahogany or Lauan Plywood , this …

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