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FANCY DECORATIVE HARDWOOD PLYWOOD INSPECTION QND GRADERS TIPS WHen inspect fancy plywood ,also called decorative plywood ,( you can know why the USA assocation use new webstie https://www.decorativehardwoods.org/ ) Regular traditional Species: Anigre, Ash, Birch, Cherry, Clear Pine, Knotty Pine, Mahogany, Maple, Red Oak, White Oak, Walnut Cores: Lumber core ,Veneer Core, Fiberboard …

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Wood veneer edge banding

Wood veneer edge banding is the perfect finishing touch to veneered edges and panels. Made from real wood, the sheets are expertly joined to create a continuous roll of ready to use trim. A number of popular species, and can special order any exotic species available on the market. Edge …

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hardwood plywood

Decorative hardwood plywood Hardwood Plywood Hardwood plywood is a manufactured panel made up of 3 or more thin layers of wood veneer laid on top of each other and glued with the grain of each layer or ply running perpendicular to the one on either side of it. Hardwood plywood offers a …

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