Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) Inspections and QC checklists

Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) Inspections and QC checklists

Laminated Veneer Lumber LVL is an engineered wood product ,is produced by gluing together layers of wood veneers with the wood grains in parallel,used for beams and headers used in floor, wall, and roof construction.

First ,Check if Multiple laminated veneer lumber beams can be assembled to provide greater strength to carry greater loads.

2. Higher-capacity LVL beam can be constructed as a built-up beam using multiple individual members nailed or nailed and glued together.

3.Widely used in beams and headers, LVL has also been put to good use as a trim material   with some minor modifications such as water-resistant edge sealing and adding a couple of cross-laminated layers to minimize cupping.

4.Like LVL beams, LVL trim is dimensionally stable and is easy to cut, nail, and install, similar to a piece of plywood.

5.LVL can be used in both bearing and non-bearing walls, as planks, as beams, as headers, in door and window frames, sliding door rails, steps, as well as in the roof trusses of single-family houses and engineered building constructions such as swimming halls, sport halls, etc.

6.LVL beams are typically used where long spans or extra strength are desired of beams, such as over garage doors, ridge and hip beams for suspended roof designs  , and for window and door headers.


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