Plywood Handling and Storage

Plywood Handling and Storage

Plywood Handling and Storage
Plywood, like any other panel product, requires careful handling and storage. Despite its sturdy crosslaminated
construcƟon, face veneers, panel edges and panel corners are vulnerable to damage and
should always be protected.
Plywood is manufactured at a low moisture content of 4% and while small changes in moisture content
will not appreciably affect its dimensions, large changes should be avoided since they may encourage
checking of the face veneer with consequent impairment in its qualiƟes as a paint base. It is good
pracƟce to store plywood, which is to be used for interior finish, under condiƟons that approximate
those expected in service.
When handling or storing plywood, pracƟce the following:
 Store plywood panels flat and level.
 Keep finish faces inward and cover stacks to protect from bumping and abrasion.
 Protect panel edges and corners. This is especially important with tongue and groove plywood.
 Carry panels on edge (always being careful not to damage faces, edges and corners).
 When plywood is used as a finishing material, deliver to job-site at the latest possible moment.
 Protect panels from water or excessive humidity.

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