HPL Plywood Lamination Types and INspection TIps

HPL Plywood Lamination Types and INspection TIps

HPL Plywood are divided into direct Lamination and Non-direct  Lamination.

Non-direct lamination also called Re- lamination .

The HPL sheets  is laminated to the Substrate  directly called direct lamination .

The Non-direct  Lamination is to laminate the  HPL sheets  on the EV wood VENEER base board plywood .

Difference 1: Different ways of laminating 

Direct  lamination , as the name implies, is to laminate the HPL sheets  of the substrate (i.e. HPL sheets ) directly onto the surface of the substrate of the base board, thus producing the finished hpl   board. This process has a high requirement for the base substrate , which is the requirement for the surface smoothness of the base substrate . The smoothness is not up to the standard, and the effect of the whole finished substrate  will be affected when directly laminated.

Therefore, the requirements of direct  lamination  for process and base substrate  are very strict, which greatly reduced the production cost.

Re- lamination  is to laminate  HPL sheets  to the okoume or birch or EV finished plywood , different manufacturers may use different thickness of face veneered plywood . Then the substrate material laminated with the face veneer fist, and laminate the HPL to the finished plywood  .THis kind of relamination HPL plywood have better smoothness and flatness than direct lamination HPL plywood .

NON-DIRECT OR RE-lamination HPL plywood are normally exported to the USA and Canada to make cabinets .

Direct lamination HPL plywood are normally exporting to the ISRAEL markets ,also make cabinets .

The direct lamination HPL plywood and NON-DIRECT lamination HPL plywood are almost quite the contrary with the Direct Lamination Melamine Plywood and NON-DIRECT Lamination Melamine Plywood .

Non-direct lamination HPL plywood have a very smooth and good surface of Finished plywood subsrate with long grain face veneer such as okoume ,birch or Pine  .

Non-direct lamination Melamine Plywood have a very smoothly and good surface of Plywood platform without long grade face veneer .




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